The Beauty of Intentional Imagination

What makes a community project sustainable? I spent my career in philosophy trying to distill the principles that allowed people to cooperate in ways that persist over time. Those principles, including Intentional Imagination, are described at length in my book, … Read More

Learning from Conflict

From time to time, we reprint essays that capture an important feature of Cooperative Wisdom. In this essay, Belinda Noyes explores what we call Deep Discernment, the process of understanding what really matters–both to ourselves and to our cooperative partners. … Read More

Taking Heart

From time to time, we ask permission to share essays by people whose experience gives them unique insight into Cooperative Wisdom. This essay by Cynthia Zanti Jabs seems especially appropriate for February, a month when many of us think about … Read More

Super Bowl Wisdom

On Sunday, millions of Americans will be united in watching the Super Bowl. Across divisions of income, politics, ethnic background and even gender, people will gather with friends and family to devour nachos, comment on commercials and admire exceptional athleticism. … Read More

Honoring Carson’s Courage

A new documentary on Rachel Carson is showing on PBS stations this January. Presented by the American Experience, the program honors Rachel Carson’s courage as a “woman whose writings revolutionized how we understand our relationship with the natural world.“ In … Read More

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