Dr. Donald Scherer developed the Environmental Ethics component of the prestigious Practical Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. For more than 40 years, he has thought deeply about environmental ethics and social environments in which people can thrive. Cooperative Wisdom distills insights gleaned from his research and writing, teaching and consulting.

Dr. Scherer has also put his ideas into practice, winning national respect for devising innovative partnerships that respond effectively to incipient conflict. Here are just a few of the settings in which he has practiced Cooperative Wisdom:

  • Facilitated discussions for the Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks on the future of Adirondack State Park.
  • Collaborated with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and the Alternative Fuel Institute on use of crops in producing electricity and jet fuel.
  • Worked with managers of regional parks on the ethics of restoration and management of exotic species.
  • Promoted interfaith dialogue through the World Council of Churches
  • Advised the World Wildlife Fund on enlisting Fortune 500 corporations in ecological restoration.
  • Consulted with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on ethical questions surrounding the remediation of oil spills.
  • Worked with the Electric Power Institute to test beta versions of electric vehicles in cooperation with the BGSU Electric Vehicle Institute.
  • Facilitated partnership and obtained funding for Bowling Green State University to install and then expand a solar array that provides power for the ice arena.
  • Consulted with Georgia State University about cooperation between the university and the surrounding metropolitan area.
  • Mentored Environmental Studies faculty at Santa Clara University incorporation about how ethical dimensions could be incorporated into their research.
  • Co-produced “Wind Power: Coming of Age in Ohio” and “Heritage of a River”, documentaries which aired on numerous public television stations in Ohio.

In addition, Dr. Scherer has mentored dozens of students who now infuse his ideas into their work in education, government, medicine and other fields.

Dr. Scherer served as past president of Green Energy Ohio.

His previous books include:

Dr. Scherer and his wife, Char, live in a wind-powered home that they built in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is available for workshops, speeches, presentations and consultation. For more information, visit his website at drdonscherer.net.