Inclusive Integrity:
Reworking Cooperation So Everyone Can Thrive

integrity photo

Inclusive integrity translates imaginative ideas about new forms of cooperation into coherent social practice. With the help of specialists willing to challenge the boundaries of their specialties, we must integrate tools and practices into new cooperative systems that assure benefits and respect values not only for those who are party to the cooperative agreements but also for those whom such agreements affect.

Integrity requires on continual willingness to anticipate and remedy the shortcomings of our efforts by examining harms at the margins, considering the long-term impact of our actions and taking into account the pace of change. Because information is always incomplete and the environment is always in flux, every new practice must be understood as a hypothesis to be revised as new harms are recognized or new opportunities for benefit reveal themselves.

These are the practices that support inclusive integrity:

  1. Enlist flexible specialists
  2. Anticipate predictable weaknesses
  3. Treat every plan as a hypothesis

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