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Healing the Political DivideDon with blade

Don Scherer talks to Tom Henry of the Toledo Blade about how Cooperative Wisdom can help us overcome divisive politics.


New Reviews

Thanks to all the readers who have written five star reviews on Amazon. Here are highlights:

  • “I found this book to be a page turner.”
  • “Thoughtful, engaging and practical.”
  • “Insightful and provocative”
  • “What a wonderful read!”

McNeill’s Reviews gives five stars to Cooperative Wisdom: “I highly recommend this book…”


Communicating Effectively in Polarized Political Environments

Carolyn Jabs moderated a panel on this topic on Wednesday, March 1, at Workzones in Santa Barbara. Sponsored by AWC-SB.


Carolyn Jabs with Fred Klein on Literary Gumbo: